Crank Out Some iPhone Apps - Outsource Them!

If you have been reading my blog, you know my story--I am a Microsoft developer by day, and an iPhone/iPad developer by night. The problem--when you have a wife and kids and a house (or even a social life) this is not really sustainable for long.

With iOS4 coming out, I have been doing a little less coding lately and a little more reading about iPhone development. One of the things I have been reading is books by others promising ways to write apps quickly or make money on iPhone apps. A lot of them I just laugh at. So when I read an ad promising to let me write iPhone quickly without writing code--well, I had to read the book just to see what they were promising.

To my surprise, it was a really good idea! The book, How To Create iPhone Apps with No Programming Experience is actually a great step-by-step methodology to get apps built the easy way--by explaining what you want and handing it off to someone else to code. The book comes with a few extras, the most interesting on how to make money with free apps, which you probably already know. But the book itself was a good read. If you have any thoughts about trying to write an iPhone yourself but just don't have the time, this is a great solution.

The best part of the book was the description of some of the completely ridiculous apps that have made big money. The point being, of course, that marketing is every bit as important in the iPhone app gold rush as programming. You can have a slick app, but if you have no marketing plan, it will disappear in the mountain of apps released daily. Conversely, if you have an idea for an app that you can market, maybe a crazy simple app could make you rich. And if you outsource them, you can crank out ten in the time you would have done one yourself.

Anyway, check out How To Create iPhone Apps with No Programming Experience. It is a great no-nonsense approach to getting your app out there for people to download.

BTW--I have unofficially crossed the 50,000 app download mark. How exciting is that!!


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