My Foray into iPhone Development

OK, not many posts lately. I have been very busy with my new Mac. My goal was to learn enough Objective-C / Cocoa Touch / etc. to be able to build some iPhone apps. Shockingly, I was able to get an app up and into the AppStore very quickly thanks to the strong developer community with tons of examples and great documentation. Check out Spin the Bottle '09 on the AppStore here.

Apple also deserves a big hand I think for having built a solid platform and great development tools. I have been a PC guy since 1984 (I started developing when I was 13 years old), and I never expected to turn away from PCs. But I have to tell you, the Mac is astonishing in terms of performance, stability, and usability. The best part--no anti-virus software!! If you have ever thought about trying a Mac, I would highly recommend it. The best part--you get to right cool stuff for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I also want to quickly thank a colleage, Dave Ferrell. Dave showed me around OS X at the Apple Store at the end of last year and his enthusiasm was contagious. I had been intrigued by Macs since they first came out in 1983, but after that day, I had to get one!

I will post more over the coming months about iPhone development on the Mac, but unlike my PC work, I am going to be primary focused on game development for the iPhone. If you haven't heard, killer apps in the AppStore can hit hundreds of thousands of downloads a month. This could bring me closer to my goal of having a few million people give me $1....