The Wild World of AppStore Applications

It is really an emotional rollercoaster--waiting and refreshing your email constantly looking for a reply. Sometimes you get rejected. But it is all worth it for those golden moments of approval.

I am of course talking about submitting apps to the Apple AppStore. A quick process for me so far, getting your code ready, submitting, and waiting for approval is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I have had two apps approved, one taking five business days, the other taking ten. Neither were rejected, so I count myself in the lucky category. I have friends who have had apps waiting months for approval. A scary thought!

I currently have two other apps waiting for approval. One got rejected this morning, but it was criteria around a free "Lite Version" of one of my paid apps (apparently you are not allowed to upsell in your Lite Version). It took about 15 minutes to modify and resubmit. We will see what happens!

A word of caution if you have never submitted an app before--the first one takes time! And I am not even talking about the approval process. I spent a few days getting my app compiled and signed, getting my icons the right size for the AppStore guidelines, blah blah blah.... The second one took a few days as well, but since then, I have been submitting in minutes. If you have issues you can't get around, feel free to shoot me a response to this post--I may well have stumbled on the same issue.

If you are interested, I have a demo of one of my apps on YouTube. Enjoy!