Review process for iPad apps--Yikes!

So I submitted my first iPad app almost 2 weeks ago. After being lulled into a false sense of confidence following iPhone app reviews, I have had a bad experience with this review.

iPhone app reviews had gotten down to a few days at the end of last year and earlier this year. So I expected the iPad app review for my first app to be, I don't know, vaguely like that.

When I saw my app go from "submitted" to "in review" so quickly, I was very optimistic. But then came an extremely long delay. And OK, I am fine with a delay--I am sure everyone is submitted iPad apps right now.

But then came the frustration. After 8 days (yes, 8 days) I get a notice that my app had been rejected. The reason? I had called it "FindIt for iPad" on the title screen, and this is a copyrighted term. Fair enough--I probably should have thought of that. But what required 8 days to figure out that "iPad" was prominently placed on the main page?????

Then, of course, the process has to start over from scratch. Again, I get it--a new binary, and anything can be in it. So the new executable has to be completely tested. So we are now a full 16 days from the initial submittal. And I don't have much confidence that it is really being reviewed any more when it says "in review." (See rant above about "how did it take 8 days to figure out 'iPad' was prominently placed on the main page.")

Scary stuff. Hopefully this helps someone out there avoid the same issue I had.


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