Update your AdWhirl SDK to 1.2.7 (and Include the AddressBook Framework)

If you have not recently updated you AdWhirl SDK to 1.2.7, you may notice some big benefits if you do. I was seeing leaks before the upgrade, and a few random crashes. Both of these seem to be much improved, but also there seems to be a speed improvement as well.

There is one caveat--when I replaced my 1.2.5 SDK with the 1.2.7 SDK, I started getting all kinds of compiler errors. I sent a note to AdWhirl support (which responded really quickly--thanks!) and they said you need to include the AddressBook framework into your app because it is by AdMob. I did not see this anywhere in the documentation, and of course, I did not expect it simply going from 1.2.5 to the more recent version. It is a 10 second fix, but I wanted everyone to be aware.

Good luck!


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