Default image not showing up for iPhone app

I ran into an issue last night trying to set up the default image for the app I am about to submit to the AppStore. I have learned the first thing to look at is the capitalization when adding files to an XCode project. But there were a few other things I needed to do to get this working.

So if you don't see your Default.png image showing up, try these steps:

1) First, make sure your "Default.png" is named exactly that ("default.png" will not work).

2) Second, make sure Default.png is in the root directory of your project.

3) Do a clean of your target.

4) Then build and your default image should show up.

I also noticed that running this in the simulator was not helpful because my app started very quickly and the default image only displayed for a second. So, make sure you give this a try on the device to see how long the default image really displays.

Good luck!


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