The Magic Camera is Up on the App Store!

I outsourced my first iOS app, and it is now live here. The Magic Camera lets you take a picture of someone, but instead of taking the picture, the app actually presents a picture from a set of images of people from around the world, animals, etc.

I had a few goals in putting this together--first, I thought it would be a fun app, and it seems like the kids really enjoy it. Second, I wanted to get something new in the App Store, but I did not have time to write it myself. Finally, I wanted to develop a relationship with an outsourced team to develop more app in the future.

The experience was a great one--the developer that I found on oDesk did a great job, and was extremely professional. Compared to costs that I have seen others describe for app development, I got this developed for an outstanding rate. And I think the quality of the final version is high.

Anyway, it was a great first experience outsourcing the app. And if you have kids, they would probably enjoy this app, like my kids do! And it's free!


ListPrivate said...

how do I get a hold of you? Im interested in the outsourcing company you found on oDesk. Please let me know, thanks

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