Pretty tired of Magic Mouse issues

As you are probably aware, I am huge fan of the Mac and of Apple products. The are solid, well engineered, and I have had few issues with any Apply hardware.

Except for the Magic Mouse, which has caused me a lot of frustration. My first mouse I got at Christmas of 2009 for use with my early-2009 unibody 2.66Ghz MacBook Pro. It worked great for a while--it was easy to make the transition to it, and I really like having the desktop even less cluttered because it is wireless.

But then, after a few months, I started experiencing a strange issue. A large percentage of the time, even if I clicked all the way over to the left of the mouse, it would act like I was doing a right-click. After having my wife try it too (to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong) and confirm it was acting strangely, I took it back and had it replaced.

Then, everything worked well for a few months. Until I disconnected the MacBook Pro from everything and used it away from my mouse and keyboard. Ever since I brought the MacBook Pro back and reconnected it, I have to manually disconnect and reconnect the mouse every time I start up my laptop.

One of the things I love about Apple products is that they just work. We pay a premium for them, and they are worth it, because they save us time. But what about when they don't work? Then we paid a premium for junk--and worse yet, with high expectations, because Apple stuff is supposed to *just work*.

This is definitely the kind of thing that would have annoyed me on the PC. On the Mac, I am just fed up. I want my money back.