Windows screen capture utility

You probably run into this situation--you need to take a snapshot of a section of the screen for a million different reasons, either to show someone or document something or include in an email. I probably reach for a tool ten times a day to do this. The Mac and Windows Vista and 7 have this functionality built in; but what about those of us still working on XP at work?

Enter Brian Scott's Cropper. Cropper is a simple, lightweight, and free solution to this problem. Install the app from the download at the like above and launch it. It will place the Cropper icon in your system tray. Then, when needed, you can double click this icon, and pop up a sliding control on the screen to select an area for copying.

I used SnagIt for years and disliked several things--it seemed very bloated and slow to do simple screen captures. Plus, how many times did you highlight the upper left corner and start clicking and dragging only to see you had not gone up high enough or the left far enough? Then, you are pulled into the next screen, to exit out and try again. Painful.

Cropper instead is very cool in that you can use the mouse or keyboard to move the selected area--even performing a "nudge" with the arroe keys. All around great piece of software. Thanks so much, Brian!!!


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