Great Free HTML Editor for the Mac

Although I have searched several times with no luck for a good HTML editor for the Mac, today I decided I was done using TextEdit.

Here is my criteria for a "good" HTML editor.

1) The editor must provide some semblance of context highlighting. Just displaying the text is not good enough.

2) The editor gets extra points for some of the features I have come to expect from using the Microsoft toolset--automatic completion of closing tags when I type the opening tag, outlining and the ability to collapse sections, and syntactical popups of available tags. Auto-identing would also get high marks.

3) Support for CSS.

4) Also, a huge bonus if there is some easy way to preview the output.

5) The tool MUST be free.

This all seems like a tall order, doesn't it? Especially when you add in #5.

Well, friends, there is a tool that provides all the above and then some. Navigate your browser over to Aptana and download Studio. You can either download the standalone tool (around 85M) or the Eclipse plug-in if you have already downloaded Eclipse to build apps for the Android phone.

Don't wait! Download it now. This is an unbelievable tool. And did I mention it's free?


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