My concerns with Quattro Wireless

I have several iPhone apps that are using Quattro Wireless as a major part of my ad serving. Quattro is a pretty good provider in that they seem to offer very competitive rates and typically have offered a pretty strong fill ratio.

That is, until lately. I have noticed my fill ratio drop significantly, reaching between 20-30% in recent weeks, and hitting an abysmal 10% average for the last 3 days. I am sure Quattro has a lot of requests, with the huge growth in iPhone apps lately, and the unprecedented downloading that has been going on. But 10%??!?!? These guys are paid to provide a service, and I was not very happy with the previous 20-30% range.

I really hope Apple buying Quattro can turn this kind of marked decline around. But I am not waiting to see what happens. Over the weekend, I converted my apps over to use the MobClix provider, which promises 100% fill rate--presumably caching ads and presenting them when a new one is not available from the provider.

I am actually pretty impressed with MobClix. I used them for one of my apps, and I am slowly starting to convert over to them for other apps as well. Their framework is small, integration was simple, and I have noticed a significant reduction in application errors from users that are running MobClix over other providers. If you get a chance, check them out. If nothing else, the promise of 100% fill rate has really caught my attention!